I've been asked, time and time again... "When are you going to record a new album?" I wish there was a simple answer to this, because I would have recorded one YESTERDAY. Being the perfectionist that I am, the thought of launching an album production haphazardly, just concerns me. It's gotta be good!

But plain and simple, a new recording project entails respectable costs... and being a recording artist with no major record label to provide finances during the creation process, even when making the most frugal efforts to make it happen, can be somewhat daunting. Very frustrating indeed!

And... LIFE just seemed to get in the way, as it often does, and one year led into three... and so on. Other duties and responsibilities were priority... raising our daughter especially. But all along this goal continued to weigh heavier and heavier on my mind. Next thing I knew... nearly EIGHT years had passed.

However meanwhile, the past few years HAVE been pretty exciting! I've been blessed with the experiences of performing in New York City, Las Vegas, Hollywood, Los Angeles, Chinatown and several other cities. I have met and worked with some really amazing people.

Watch the video below for more details...

I've had the privilege of enjoying other performance opportunities in the meantime... usually with an instrumental trio or using background tracks. Always fun. But all along that undying urge to step things up and record a new and better album continued to taunt and frustrate me! IT WAS TIME TO RECORD A FOLLOWUP ALBUM.

So now it´s 2017 and the voice in my head is screaming "Time to make a move J-E-B! Time to suck it up and ask for help." So, I am humbly reaching out to you today to seek your sponsorship with my next album project, which has been in the planning stages for the past 3 years, and a new corner to turn which I am most excited about! In my own J-E-B style, this time around I pay homage to the great pop sounds of the late sixties (some amazing music). Not strictly big band and the Great American Songbook and such, but rather, the slightly more mainstream of classic 1960's radio pop hits.

A fine album CAN be recorded, without spending insane money!

Thanks to valuable input from a circle of respected and knowledgeable music industry friends, I am encouraged that something incredible CAN be accomplished within my very modest budget. These funds will be directed toward costs of arranging, studio sessions, musicians, production, photography, licensing/clearances, manufacturing & packaging, promotion... and distribution.



Cultivating a list of terrific songs the past few years resulted in selections possessing great lyrics, and infectious melodies! These include potential selections (and not necessarily their bigger hits) originally recorded by Engelbert Humperdinck, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Nat King Cole, Tom Jones, Sammy Davis Jr., Andy Williams... SO many singable songs to consider!

A few of the terrific songs we have selected...

Quiet Nights (Englebert Humperdinck)
Happy Heart (Andy Williams)
Yes I Can (Sammy Davis, Jr.)
Wichita Lineman (Tom Jones/Glen Campbell)
S’posin’ (Dean Martin)

Doesn't ring a bell? Look them up on YouTube! Terrific songs much worthy of new life.

My super-talented brother in arms... arranger, producer, engineer and keyboardist Damien Montalto in Australia is at the production helm of this new project (with considerable input from J-E-B) and after plenty of time to plan, we are poised to put the wheels into motion.

We are just missing ONE very important element... EFFECTIVE financing! I AM without a doubt utilizing some of my own savings towards this effort, but it's not enough. For more insight, please watch the video above and consider sponsoring this very special album project.

SPEAKING OF GIVING: I don't wish to make this effort "ALL about ME". I feel compelled to add that I will be gladly donating 10% of ALL pledges to a very worthy cause that is close to my heart. My good friend Anuparti Ravi performs devoted missionary work in South India involving restoring manually pumped bore wells (fresh drinking water) for small tribal villages and delivering other much needed "conveniences" we often take for granted. We've already made a great difference for these people and hope to continue the efforts. Gotta do my part!

EVERY dollar makes a difference. I am GRATEFUL for your assistance. The end result will be nothing less than stellar.

I truly hope you can help me make this happen.

If you choose to click the big red button below, this will allow you to manually enter a pledge amount. You can also use the helpful pledge preset buttons on this page. (if you are viewing this using your mobile device, these buttons will be visible on down the page)

Again, I am super excited to begin this long overdue, and highly anticipated recording project and share it with the world! YOUR kind assistance is greatly appreciated. I just know you will love what is next on the J-E-B musical horizon!

NOTE: If you wish to pledge using a check, please make payable to "John Eric Booth" and mail to 3586 Route 75; Huntington, WV 25704. Feel free to call me at 304-638-5195. Again... thank you!

Much Love and Thanks,


I am using PayPal for processing, and the charge will appear as "John Eric Booth". You can pledge using your PayPal balance or your credit/debit card.